Meditation Timers

If you just like to hear the music of nature, or the silence in between the music, then you may enjoy these meditation timers. The best way to use them, if you are not familiar with meditation, is to start with a 5 minute meditation timer. You can try that for a few weeks, and if you are ready to try a longer timer, simply go for the 10 minute zen meditation timer next, and so on, adding a few minutes each month, or each week.

Of course in our fast-paced world, even experienced meditators may only have 5 minutes to meditate, so a 5 minute meditation timer is great for that occasion too!

It is a very good idea to build up a daily meditation routine, or daily meditation habit. Just like brushing teeth is a good habit to prevent tooth decay, so is a meditation habit a great habit to prevent stress buildup, and relax those muscles, including the mind muscle.

Our minds can get cluttered with thoughts and ideas just like our houses can. Meditation is a way to let everything settle, so we can see more clearly, and perhaps sweep away some of the build-up clutter.

My favorite analogy is that of murky water. If you take a glass of murky water, and let it settle for a few hours, or perhaps better, a few days, you will see everything clear up. Our minds our just like that as well. It is not that all those thoughts are bad, they’re natural. It’s just that all those thoughts can really be overwhelming and confusing. So a regular meditation practice can settle our minds, and make help clarify our thoughts, hopefully giving us more clarity. Since our lives are so short, clarity is important. So we know how best to spend our limited time here on earth.

Here are a list of meditation timers. Please come back again, we will be adding more meditation timers in the future.

Meditation Timers List

Free 5 minute Zen Meditation Timer. Great for travel or for a “quickie meditation”.

Direct link to zen meditation timer playlist:

Meditation Timer Apps

Youtube Meditation Timers:

Productivity timers

These are timers that help you take breaks at work, so you can have spurts of focused activity


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