It is our cognition, which is in essence an interpretation system, that curtails our resources. Our interpretation system is what tells us what the parameters of our possibilities are, and since we have been using that system of interpretation all our lives, we cannot possibly dare to go against its dictums. Juan Matus

I’ve never seen a 100% white or 100% black person. Have you?

I have however all my life seen so called “whites” clearly showing¬†a multitude of colors on their skins.

yellow with fever,
blushing and embarrassed with pinks and reds,
sickly off colors,
unevenly browned,
etc, etc.

Just as TV technology started out as black and white, and is now millions of colors and pixels in resolution, so do I think to a large extend our world views, went from two-dimensional (earth is flat, that person is white, or black) to 3-dimensional with many shades of colors.

There has been an increased interest in seeing reality more fully in higher and higher definition. The higher resolution, the better and clearer we can see things as they really are.


As I mentioned on Episode 25 when chatting with Charlie, it really helps to slow down in order to process that higher resolution of life.

If you’re rushing from one thing to the next thing, it will prevent you from fully seeing what is right in front of you though! So does thinking or worrying about the past or the future. Or playing tapes and records about what should be or how good or bad we are.


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