Hal Rowe Student of Zen Buddhism Meditation Interview
(Pictured above with his partner Debbie)

Hal Rowe is currently a student of Zen Buddhism. He serves environmental causes, loves the outdoors, poetry, and describes his path into a Zen practice through reading Alan Watts as a late teen.

He was influenced by Daoism and its appreciation of nature, Chinese philosophy,  Tibetan Buddhism, and Zen Buddhism.

In this interview, Hal talks about how he started meditating, then got more consistent over time. He describes how he gets inspired.

He describes how his practice and understanding of being interconnected influences and informs how he consumes, how he deals with cravings, greed, and anger.

Hal then reads a few poems from the poet Cold Mountain and Matsu.

From Record of Matsu

If one wants to know the way directly:
Ordinary mind is the way,
Everything is the way
Mind – ground is the Dharma-gate
Mind-ground is the inexhaustible lamp.

He also talks about his environmental activism, and the interesting way he brought together and highlights how the two sides, of environmentalists and loggers have a lot in common.

He currently practices with the Zen Center of Spokane.